Cartcuterie party cart rental

Options and Prices


Basic Cart Rental: $195 per day

Rental & Catering Service Area:

  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • Ventura County
  • San Fernando Valley
Cartcuterie base cart only

Choose a Cart Top for no additional cost!

Bar Top

bar top

Classic Top

cart with classic top

Umbrella Top

cart with umbrella top

Bohemian $45

  • bohemian-cart-straighton
  • bohemian-angle
  • bohemian-corner
  • bohemian-head-vase
bohemian-cart-straighton1 bohemian-angle2 bohemian-corner3 bohemian-head-vase4

Floral $45

  • floral-cart-straighton
  • floral-cart-angle
  • floral-angle-up
  • floral-cart-corner
floral-cart-straighton1 floral-cart-angle2 floral-angle-up3 floral-cart-corner4

Custom Requests

1 2

Let us know what custom decoration you'd like. We'll do our best to fulfill your wishes. Quote to determined after details received.

Catering quote provided after number in party and details determined. Decorations shown not included; see add-on decoration for prices.

Brunch Cart

brunch cart
brunch cart
close up of brunch

Champagne Cart

Alcohol to be purchased by client - must be over 21 years of age. Call for details.

Cartcuterie champagne cart
champagne and glasses
champagne and glasses

Donut Cart

Cartcuterie's donut cart
donut display on Cartcuterie's donut cart
glazed donutes
clever Donut I Do donut wedding shower bag!

Patisserie Cart

Cartcuterie's French Patisserie cart front angle
Cartcuterie's French Patisserie cart side angle
Cartcuterie's French Patisserie cart at night
Cartcuterie's French Patisserie food options closeup

Graze Cart

Cartcuterie's graze cart angle
Cartcuterie's graze display closeup
Cartcuterie Cart graze menu and accompanying food
food selction on Cartcuterie graze cart

Cartcuterie will deliver, set-up, and pick-up your cart from your location.


Within 20 miles of Hollywood: $75

Charge to be quoted based on delivery location beyond 20 miles from Hollywood

20 mile flat fee delivery radius